Meracove Health Philosophy – Hands-on Medicine

As a family medicine doctor and a doctor of Osteopathic medicine, I have often seen that Osteopathic manipulative treatment can improve the outcome of other standard treatments. Osteopathic manipulative medicine is a special form of manual medicine in which doctors use their hands to diagnose and treat various areas of the body.

As human beings made in the image of God, we are made up of three parts: body, soul, and spirit. The soul is basically our personality, our mind, will, and emotions. We all experience various traumas in life, which can affect our body or soul. This can cause disease, dysfunction, and discomfort. These issues are what we can address with “hands-on” osteopathic manipulative treatment. Our goal is to help the body restore itself through the mechanisms of natural healing innate to our systems.

Michael Robertson, D.O.