Professional medical & counseling services, Parker, Colorado

Chris J. West, M.A., D.O., ABAARM

Dr. West grew up in Florida where he attended college at the University of Florida. He then pursued a Master’s in Bioethics at Trinity Seminary in Chicago, before attending medical school in Kansas City. After finishing residency in Iowa, he and his family moved to the Denver area to start a career. Dr. West has many professional interests including nutrition, missionary work, and pursuing the most current technology for his practice. His hobbies include movies, sports, outdoor activities, spending time with his family, and local involvement with his church.

Dr. West is board-certified in family medicine and has been practicing in the Denver area since 2002. In November of 2016, he finished a two-year Fellowship Program in Functional Medicine. This has expanded his practice to include outside-the-box patient care. In January of 2017, Dr. West started Counseling with Care, an integrated counseling center that is affiliated with Parker Family Care. The combination of counseling, functional medicine, and traditional family practice allows a perfect blend of treatment for the whole person.